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There is no shadow without light

That there is no shadow without light is a fact. This realization sprang into my consciousness during my morning meditation as I pondered recent events that took place in my life.

There is something that fascinates me about life and intrigues me at the same time. And that is, that the more we ask of life, the greater the contrast, the larger the opportunities we have. But the question is, are you ready to take the train when it arrives at your train station? That’s a topic for another day.

Some time ago I asked to be blessed with a group of friends, aware and successful in their own terms. And, we all know that when you ask, it is given! And in what a way. Today, I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a small but impactful group of people who are driving the change we all want to see in the world.

This year I asked for more wisdom. A goal if we can call it that or mission that I know is constantly evolving and developing inside of each one of us - when you are ready to ask. And when you do pray, it shows up in your life in fantastic ways that you’ll catch yourself smiling softly.

Last night, I was met with some of these good friends for dinner. It was one of these regular catch ups where we talk about everything and nothing, a meeting where we indulge in good food and drink the most exquisite wines. And I feel that the most essential part of these gatherings is that we can simply get together, away from our daily routines to sit down and learn and check what has changed in each other lives since we last saw each other.

As the night evolved, we checked up on each other’s progress and conversed as one powerful mind. We shared opinions and discussed each one of the six forbidden topics for any regular dinner conversation: politics, religion, personal finances, health, family issues, and gossip. But a lot more happened on our table as our energies fused in what seemed like a bacchanal – a wild orgy of ideas and expressions.

The significance of a Master Mind is not new. Napoleon Hill dedicated a good amount of time explaining the importance of creative minds gathering together towards finding a solution to a problem. Their creative efforts birthing another all-powerful mind – the Master Mind. But there is another element that has been added to our regular catch ups, more than just sharing a glass or two. Personally, I find it always to be a great learning experience, to be in such a circle, mainly if your friends appear to be more successful than you are. And, particularly when you think that you cannot bring anything to the table they do not know, have experienced or lived themselves. Age differences aside.

But last night, it was different. I saw the dark side of some of these friends. It was like a shadow that covered the radiance and beauty that they had carefully tried to conceal.

It was not a mirroring relationship; it was not about my focus and attention. This was somehow different in aspect that in effect, I did see and felt the shadow from the words that were coming out of their mouths. It was a shadow with light touches of resentment, unresolved matters, criticism, and lack of appreciation.

It was a shadow that stripped these individuals out of their cashmere and silk clothes, the furs and the brands leaving them naked in my young and fresh eyes. And, it humbled me and left me quiet and speechless at the same time. This was a new shadow that revealed compassion and deep understanding that we are all part of this experience. That we are all in this together and that no matter where you are in the social economic scale, we are all human beings. It was a shadow that revealed a new light.

A light so powerful, so strong and unique that put everything into perspective. You matter by simply being here. And when you think you cannot bring any value to the table, think again. That dark thought can reveal correct understanding and a sense of a life purpose that is bigger than you ever anticipated or predicted. This shadow is full of light- it is a train passing by and ready to be on-boarded, only when you are prepared for it. Remember, you have just to ask.

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