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The meaning of WE

We live in a world where geographical walls disappear the moment we log in to social media, a world that provides us with the opportunity to create inclusion more than ever before. We need only turn on the television to watch the news about the popping of champagne corks in Britain after their successful exit from the European Union, or log in to Twitter to read the US President’s latest announcements or jump onto an online news site to read about the China trade war. We can access information and people from all over the world instantly, at the mere touch of a button. Yet, how is it that individuals seem to be experiencing exclusion and isolation on a scale never seen before? 

The paradox of isolation despite globalization got me thinking deeply recently about the meaning of what we like to call ‘WE’. 

So, what is ‘WE’?

According to the Oxford dictionary, the word ‘WE’ is used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together. I.e. “Shall we go to the cinema?”

“WE” can also be used to refer to the speaker together with other people regarded in the same category. An example of this would be, “Nobody knows kids better than we teachers do.”

I find it ironic that at its root this word implies a togetherness and a sameness and yet, despite referring to ourselves as ‘WE’, everywhere we look there is separation.

Why is this?

Is it because we are judgemental or jealous of others - It is so easy to fall into the habit of this! Or, is it because it takes thought, time and effort to find suggestions and solutions to issues? It also takes a deep desire to communicate and work together - and to be honest, perhaps it is far too much work for many people, so they don’t even bother. Let’s not forget that many people may also believe it’s not their job to create these solutions. Perhaps they believe it’s the responsibility of the people in those positions of power, the ones with the bigger payslips. So why bother?

The truth is, we do not need to go very far to find separatist tendencies around us. We don’t even have to step outside of our own homes. Nowadays 50% of marriages end up in divorce, often because trying to resolve issues in a relationship can become tiresome and expensive. And let’s face it, as many Tinder users would say, there are ‘so many more fish in the sea’. So why put the effort into fixing a broken relationship when there are many other potential partners to choose from that might be easier (and more fun) to deal with?

Then there are those of us who may have been brought up or influenced to believe that the mind is everything; that it is the power of the mind and the mind alone that that will get us to where we want to get and achieve what we want to achieve, even if this means the manipulation of others using mind-games and negative behavioral habits. Perhaps only in old age, these people may realize that there is a dire consequence for the imbalanced and forced use of the power of the mind - the decline of the health of one’s body - the sacred instrument with which we experience this life on earth.

There are also those of us who go to church every Sunday because in the eyes of society they want to be seen as good Christians living in a community. Externally they may embrace the qualities of acceptance, non-judgment, unconditional love and support. Yet behind closed doors, they may be the opposite - criticizing or judging family members, friends or even themselves because they are ‘different’ or do not meet expectations. They may pray day and night for God to mend their loved ones or themselves because they have assumed they need fixing rather than being accepting. 

There are those who use the name of God in vain every time they open their mouth, knowing they are breaking one of their sacred Ten Commandments, yet they seem to do it anyway (We have not met God, yet). There are those of us who are so obsessed with their body and addicted to their materialistic way of living that they use people as they use things, only to find themselves isolated and alone. 

What can we do about this desperate state of isolation and separateness?

It is the union of mind, body, and spirit that makes us whole. It is our soul’s physical experience that causes us and the world around us to expand and reach new dimensions of existence, together.

We are co-creators of this physical human experience. When we deny ourselves of something that our soul knows is needed, we deny that thing to others, too. When we are giving to others, the act is automatically reciprocated, even if we don’t see or feel it.

When we help others, we help ourselves. Life is a two-way street.

Because most of us exist in mind-state, we seem to have forgotten that we live in a world of inclusion, connection and togetherness, not of exclusion, separateness, and aloneness. The natural laws state that every action has a consequence and every action, decision and thought impact our world. We are here to live an inclusive existence and to learn this great truth through practice. In this physical world every action, or lack thereof, has a consequence larger than just us. It is vital to remember the importance of WE, as spiritual beings, living this physical experience. WE need all of us to be part of this large playground in which we interact with one another, working towards the co-creation of a world of perfection. When we talk about poverty, hunger, climate change, education, and gender equality, for example, WE all have our own individual contributions to make in order to create a whole and new existence.

This world was created to ensure we collaborate in the creation of magnificence. We were not created better or worse than our neighbors, but instead in the same image with the same capacities. WE are ALL created from love.

And when we think about the deeper meaning of the term ‘WE’, it is not a question of whether we are together at a given point in time in a particular place or space. It is more about the realization that, in the bigger picture,

‘WE’ is the only reality there is. We are one team, where each and every one of us is a collaborative component of this big co-creation. 

I want to believe that one day when we step back and look with hindsight, we will connect to the experiences we’ve lived, the people that have crossed our path during life, the individuals that stayed with us during our life journey and those who did not, the jobs we took and the jobs that we left, the choices that we made and the decisions we did not make, the risks we embraced and the train we did not take. And that day, the day it all ‘clicks’ and makes sense, I hope we will smile and realize with a breath of fresh air that consequences, results, and actions are not the because of an individual acting on their own but instead through the collective or “Butterfly” effect created by social consciousness. 

For me, ‘WE’ is defined as the social consciousness operating jointly towards a larger creation, yet still in the process of becoming.

And with these words, I leave you to ponder. Team.

To be continued….

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