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Words do not teach

I know that words don’t always teach us, but they can help to make you think.

Since a very early age, I have always had a strong urge to teach, I just wasn’t sure in what form that passion should come in.

At the tender age of 16, I wrote my first book named Souls. It is a collection of spiritual insights gained over the course of two years. It was a combination of being deeply misunderstood and highly criticized by professors and mentors as well as dealing with my parent’s divorce, my dad’s suicide and my first heartbreak. Trust me it was a lot and it brought me to some pretty dark nights of the soul. I learned through those experiences that silence brings wisdom.

After facing my own deepest fears, I decided I was going to do something meaningful with my life that would help awaken people and make their own life experience one worth remembering.

I feel very fortunate that my first book was initially such a disaster for a few reasons. I learned early that my meaning had to be from the experience of writing the book and the possibility of connecting with individuals rather than the foremost literary awards in the industry and critical success. Also, those initial reactions could be false predictors of your work’s ultimate legacy. Contrast serves you to gain clarity and understands polarity and that is part of this experience.

From there I started choosing jobs that I was passionate about. Jobs in which I could learn and grow meaningful experiences and connections. I ran marketing campaigns and learned about how to market a product, make a successful press release, build a distribution list for online marketing and use social media. I learned about public speaking, I learned about how to build long-lasting relationships and about Investing.

Life became my oyster and was showering me all that I wanted with curiosity. As I was creating and owning my life experiences, I deepened my spirituality and relationship with a supreme force. I had discovered ways to express my life purpose and gain power that I did not know I had.

More often than not, it is when we look back that we can connect the dots. It is when we go back in time and see where we are now that we can see clearly that our past was always happening for us and not against us. And at some point, you wake up and you know that you are serving a bigger purpose and that your experiences are simply the pieces of a puzzle, a masterpiece in this life experience, as I prefer it to call them. I’m content with myself because I know that we are where we are for a reason.

We are given only one piece of the cake at a time, only what we can handle. I now know that we are put where we are to accomplish first the little things so that bigger ones can come in our path. With every action, there is a level of responsibility that goes with it. And that the more we ask for in life, the larger the responsibility. I learned to own the present for lasting joy because ultimately life and happiness are about what you do with what you have.

As this relationship with my-self deepened over the years, I became bolder, poised and relaxed. I started writing from inspirational speeches for well-known celebrities to self-development books. Today, I write about anything and everything that interests me from affirmations, The Modern Prosperity Code, to healthy eating, Vegan Recipes for Newbies, parenting, Bruno the Yellow Lab, to spirituality, A Journey to Love.

I am winning not only awards but also, I am able to do what I love. I choose to work on what I care about and that is perfection for me. I am now immune to people’s negative responses because when you know you are serving a higher purpose, people’s reactions become feedback and it stops bothering you.

When I decided to write My Coffee Man, I got much opposition from self- reliant, powerful feminists, female single leaders and dearest friend’s close to me.

I would hear comments like, “Ana, I cannot believe you are writing a book to help women find a man. After all, you are such an independent and self-driven woman! You don’t need a man!”

But the reason I wrote this romantic comedy is not that I think that we need to have a partner by our side to feel complete, which I don't, although I believe we, were born to live in society with other individuals. Plus, it is nice to be able to share the little things in life and our successes with someone else. I often meet single women and men, who are dedicating their entire energy, money and efforts while still failing miserably in an attempt to meet that special someone that made them feel valuable.

But, what if we could use that energy to thrive? Really thrive. What if we could learn to develop our awareness and power that lies within each one of us to make a significant impact in our lives and contribute to those around us- partners, lovers, friends, family, business associates. What if we could invest that money spent on empty dates and dating websites on innovative projects that can improve the quality of our lives?

It is my desire that My Coffee Man inspires my readers to look inside of themselves and realize through their life experiences that they already have someone walking by their side. We are never alone, and that we are taken care of and valued simply by being who we are.

I want them to understand and “see” again clearly, that there is a reason for everything in our lives. New Thought students know and understand that our today is the result of a number of thoughts and actions of a yesterday. But there is more to that, there is something bigger than you and I also guiding us at all times, there is something out there that is watching us and taking care of every single step we make and every need we may have. There is something with such a power to move people and circumstances for us.

We need to come to understand that our periods of solitude are gifts from this power. That it is in the silence that we can tune in, hear this power talk directly to us and allow us to express our feelings, allow us to fully surrender to the beautiful life. It is a life of detachment that we have chosen to live.

We are worthy of celebration every single day from the moment we wake up and get out of bed to the moment we reach our desk. And with this book I want women to be reassured of them, to embrace their femininity wherever they are, find their purpose and reclaim their power.

Awarded before its official release as Best Romantic Comedy, this book can help you reprogram your mind and actions to become a goal achiever, be whoever you want to be and achieve anything you set your mind to.

This book is more than a romantic novel, it is about communication, values, goal setting, focus, discipline, perseverance, planning, letting go, order, success, joy, friendships, relationships, faith and ultimately love, like the one force capable of achieving anything.

My question for you is: Are you ready? Are you ready to become the best version of what you can be? Are you ready to put in the effort needed? Are you ready to be ready?

No excuses anymore.

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