Ana Ortega is a renowned New thought Author, Life, and Spiritual and Metaphysical Coach, and Mind Power Expert. She is dedicating her life to helping people with their inner confidence and self-esteem in their own lives. When she is not helping others, she is on a constant quest to better herself and always working on new and exciting projects. 


For over 20 years, Ana has been improving the lives of people who what to live better. Her techniques are so amazingly effective and easy to follow that you will see results from day 1 you start working with her.


"My vision is to bring personal growth to the masses in a simple and straightforward manner. I have the privilege to work with the best life coaches in the world and I am full of gratitude for that. I also have the privilege of working with a talented and dynamic team that works round the clock improving the lives of thousands of people".


What sets Ana Ortega apart is her ability to work with people from the inside out. As we have long suspected the age-old search for the guiding light leads us to the understanding that the ultimate answers come from within.


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Ana Ortega
"Passionate about helping people dream, believe and take action".








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