Alternative Therapies

Awareness/Conscious Living/Insight/ Guidance/ Wisdom  Waking up & living 

Our bodies’ are much more then the skin you see on the outside and the organs that are inside.  


At our very core we are just energy. When this energy is aligned and balanced we are radiant and vibrant. But when we experience physical, toxic and emotion traumas we distort/block this energy creating physical disease.


  • Do you want to reduce or eliminate pain, improve your overall health and well-being.  Increase your energy, feel more peaceful, sleep better and experience a deep relaxation?

  • Maybe reduce stress, feel more peaceful and confident?


Removing the distortions/blocks in our energy we will restore balance and improve our natural healing abilities.

Since 2003 Ana has been researching and investigating different chiropractic, energy and healing techniques and disciplines. 


To balance your body at all three levels (physical, emotional and mental-spiritual). 



  • Reiki & Distance Healing

  • Holistic Healing

  • Meditation 


  • Bach remedies

  • EFT Tapping

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